4 ways in which you could clean with vinegar

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Vinegar is used in many households for cleaning purposes as it is very effective. Aside from giving our salads a great taste, the white liquid contains properties that could help you achieve the cleanest home on the block.

See why so many women are cleaning their homes with vinegar.

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4. Smelly refrigerators and trash cans 

With a big family, we perceive that our fridge’s are getting smaller due to the amount of food in it. However, this is not the case – sometimes too much accumulated food could rotten up very quickly. If you’re experiencing similar situations, there is an affordable and effective way to make your refrigerator smell great.

On a plate, place a piece of bread and pour vinegar on top until it’s soaked. Put the plate with the bread inside the fridge overnight. The next morning, you’ll notice that the smell is gone.

The same works for trash cans. Instead of using a plate, throw out the trash and place a soaked piece of bread inside the can overnight. You won’t believe how good your home will smell after this.

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3. Make your own all-purpose cleaner 

Tired of spending so much money on house cleaning products? Create your very own by adding 1/3 of vinegar into an empty spray bottle and fill the rest of the space with water and 3 drops of dish soap. 

12 ideas para hacer del vinagre tu mejor aliado en la limpieza 4

2. Unclog your drain 

At a single-family home, not everyone will throw out the remaining food before putting the plate inside the sink. If you’re experiencing clogged drains, add baking soda followed by 1 cup of vinegar into the drain.

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1. Streak free glasses

Don’t walk around with streaks on your expensive lenses. Spray white vinegar unto your glasses and clean off any remaining residue. As an end result, you’ll have crystal clear results.

With a simple, inexpensive purchase of white vinegar you could clean your entire home.  Also, re-use the spray bottles you may have at home, instead of buying a new ones for the vinegar. Show off your beautiful, clean home to your friends and why not share a secret you learned at iMujer?