Penelope Cruz: Her most dazzling hair styles

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Penelope Cruz knows how to dazzle her fans with trending hairstyles that are so easy to recreate. Whether she may be part of a special appearance or a Hollywood red carpet Ms. P shines bright, not only for her talent but for her gorgeous locks too. Give your old hairstyle a break and become inspired by Penelope Cruz’s most dazzling hair styles.

Next, discover for yourself what her best hair styles are.

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Lose with bangs

Parting your hair in the middle, is most definitely a strong trend. But, if you want to look a bit different – why not play around with your bangs by parting them a bit more horizontally.

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Naturally styled

Naturally, I was born with curly hair and ever since I could remember I’ve always wished that my hair was straight. Therefore I’ve learned ways of straightening my hair without a flat iron, for a more natural look. To achieve this look, simply blow dry your bangs upwards and allow for them to fall effortlessly.

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Red carpets are a place in which celebrities go all out! Aside from the fact that Penelope’s earrings are to die for, who wouldn’t want a hair style like this! Tease your hair leaving the top sections out as these are the ones that are going to cover everything. If you wear extensions, this look will be complemented by them.

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All to one side

For this dazzling look, part your hair to one side and curl every strand from the ears down.

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This hairstyle is perfect for an everyday look, don't you think?

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The Gatsby era

If you've ever watched the Great Gatsby you may have seen similar hairstyles just like Penelope's. This look is perfect for a wedding or prom!

Penelope Cruz’s hairstyles are so effortlessly easy to pull off. Personalize your everyday hair with any of the looks you just saw. Don’t forget that hair-spray is our bestie, especially when we are trying new hair styles.

Leave us a comment on you favorite look.

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