Here Are 5 Tips To Defeat Jet Lag Once And For All

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There's no sure way to avoid jet lag 100%; but you may be able to reduce its effects with these 5 tips:

1.Block your blue light

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Blue light in the evening tricks your brain into thinking it’s daytime, which inhibits the production of melatonin and reduces both the quantity and quality of your sleep. Blocking blue light from your phone and computer and flooding your brain with red light allows the body to receive a calming signal to relax and rest, which in turn helps recover faster from jet lag.

You can:

  • Pack amber-tinted glasses for your trip.
  • Reduced your exposure to blue light during the evenings.
  • Use a sleep mask on the flight.

2. Ditch caffeine and alcohol

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"It can dehydrate your body, which just worsens jet lag symptoms, and mess with your sleep schedule," Nealy Fischer, founder of The Flexible Chef and author of "Food You Want for the Life You Crave," said. "If you're thinking to yourself, 'But alcohol makes me sleepy,' remember this: While alcohol does, in fact, induce sleep, the quality of sleep is lower."

3. Hydrate constantly with water


The air inside an aircraft hovers around 15%, Harvard Women's Health Watch explains that mild dehydration is common when traveling by air — and being dehydrated worsens the physical symptoms of jet lag, so drink plenty of fluids before, during, and after your flight.

4. Try your best to watch the sunset and sunrise

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According to health coach Robyn Youkilis, seeing the sun rise and set helps sync your circadian rhythm to your new schedule.

5. Optimize your sleeping environment

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Adjust the thermostat to a cool mid-60 degrees Fahrenheit. Comforting smells, sounds or textures can all aid in creating a familiar place for sleep.

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