Machu Picchu Is Finally Wheelchair Accessible 

(photo by Brent Stirton/Getty Images.)

Machu Picchu is finally wheelchair accessible now thanks to Wheel the World, a California-based travel company that began offering tours to the UNESCO World Heritage site a few months ago.

The company, founded by best friends Alvaro Silberstein (a wheelchair user) and Camilo Navarro, offers trips to different destinations with the help of specially designed foldable wheelchairs.

"Accessible does not mean inclusive," Navarro told CNN Travel. "There are one billion people [in the world] with disabilities. But there's not one main travel company dedicated to these users."

The wheelchair itself, "It's designed with only one wheel and two long sticks that make it look like a wheelbarrow. It is a mix of steel and aluminum, like a bicycle, so it's light," he explained.

“Accessibility is a matter of being creative,” Navarro added, “sometimes we get phone calls from national parks saying they want us to come explore the place. But often, because of erosion concerns or restrictions about how ancient sites can be modified, it’s not always as simple as immediately building a wheelchair ramp.”

A four-day trip to Machu Picchu will cost $1,500, including accommodation, excluding flights.