Inside The Secret Lives Of Chauffeurs: Drivers To The Rich And Famous

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We always wonder what goes behind the scenes in the lives of the rich and famous (and royalty). Their personal assistants, stylists, and other helpers probably see and hear a lot of juicy gossip.

But this recent Guardian article has us fascinated about the chauffeurs - the ones responsible for piloting their celebrity or royal clients to well, everything.

Think about everything they must overhear, and the amazing luxury cars they get to drive!

Drivers Of The Rich And Famous

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One chauffeur, Jayne Amelia Larson, even wrote a best-selling book and a play about her experiences called Driving The Saudis.

She was responsible for driving a wealthy Saudi royal family (and their entourage). She became friendly with the princess, she told the Guardian, because “I would do these little pantomimes for her. She’d laugh and laugh. I’m sure it was because my accent was horrendous, but also because she was appreciating that I got a bit of the nuance of all the characters, especially the hairdresser. I felt as if I was floating on a little cloud around her.”

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The Downside

But it's definitely not all fun and games.

Another chauffeur, Gerold Wurnstel, said to the Guardian about his worst client (a billionaire who remains nameless in the story, for obvious reasons)...“I picked him up from a private airfield and he took a helicopter instead of walking 200 meters to the car. With a stretch limo you have a divider, so you are supposed to not hear anything, but you hear everything. He had sex with a model while I was driving. No class, no manners. He gave me a $100 tip, but that’s not the point.”

Demanding clients, long hours, low or no tips, and clients doing ridiculous and sometimes disgusting things in the back of the car make it a tough - and not particularly well paid - job.

That said, we definitely want to see a reality show about the chauffeurs of the rich and famous!