Explore The Museu Nacional in Brazil With This Digital Tour

shutterstock 1171955341

Last September, a devastating fire ripped through Brazil's Museu Nacional in Brazil, and while it's being slowly restored, you can visit it virtually right now thanks to Google Arts And Culture.

This digital exhibit captures much of the collection of the Museum, including the 12,000 year old "Luiza", the oldest human skeleton found in South America.

The exhibit lets you "step inside" the museum as it appeared before the fire, as detailed by Atlas Obscura. They shared that "digital visitors can enter the museum, which was housed in a former palace, and spin around to take in 360-degree views. Because the tour uses Street View imagery, it evokes the experience of seeing the objects at eye-level—almost as though you were wandering the airy hallways, passing through the arched doorways, and stooping to peer at vases held behind glass. The Google project also includes some digital exhibitions, such as a roundup of artifacts found in the sambaquis, the heaping mounds of shells, waste, tools, weapons, and more from fisher-gatherer cultures that lived along Brazil’s coast thousands of years ago."

Alexander Kellner, the director of the museum shared that "it is important to stress that the Museu Nacional, despite having lost a significant part of its collection, has not lost its ability to generate knowledge!"

We can't wait to see the Museu Nacional restored to its former glory.