Nostradamus Had Some Predictions For 2019 And They Are Pretty Terrifying

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Michel de Nôtre-Dame, more popularly known as Nostradamus, was known for his powerful predictions, which were perhaps best embodied in his work "Les Propheties". Although it was not fulfilled to the letter - at least in regard to his best known prophecy that the end of the world would arrive in 2012, today's world is different and some of his forecasts could still come true.

Which is why people always revisit Nostradamus at the New Year. And for the arrival of 2019, Nostradamus predicted some really important and even chilling events, according to the Unexplained Mysteries YouTube channel. We tell you what they are for you to prepare!

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A Third World War Will Begin.

The possibility of a World War III coming out has been mentioned many times, and it seems that 2019 will be the year in which it actually begins, according to the astrologer. "Twice raised and twice shot. East will also weaken to the west. His adversary after several battles pursued by the sea will fail in the moment of need, "wrote Nostradamus.

Interpretations of his writings say that he refers to a war between the United States and North Korea or the United States and Russia, and that the conflict will last for about 27 years.

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A Major Asteroid Might Destroy A Huge Part Of The World

The world must prepare for the impact of an asteroid with Earth, which will decimate humanity: "A time of great violence will coincide with the appearance of a comet in the sky. Nuclear terrorism and natural disasters will destroy our planet. " Nothing good can happen as a result of those words.

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Humans Will Be Able Talk To Animals.

Our connection to animals will become much stronger as we learn more about them, and it is even likely that we can talk to them. "The pigs will become brothers of man," said Nostradamus.

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Climate Change Will Be A Real Thing.

Climate change will continue to make its own with planet Earth. Large floods, some of which we have seen throughout 2018, will occur in places that have never experienced this kind of natural disaster.

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We'll All Say Goodbye To Taxes?

Mismanagement of money, corruption and problems in the world economy will cause society to organize to change the system and to stop paying taxes. Finally, some better news!

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The Last Of The Popes...

Pope Francis will be the last pope of the Catholic Church. Without specifying the motives, Nostradamus says that Pope Francis would be the last highest pontiff of the Catholic Church.

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More Volcanic Eruptions Will Occur.

2018 was a year of great volcanic eruptions. These and new catastrophes will affect the territories with volcanoes in the world, and there will be much destruction.


We'll Make Major Medical Advances.

The advances of medicine will take giant steps in 2019, especially regarding the cure of serious diseases of which until now is known only one treatment.

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And We'll Live Longer.

Nostradamus has predicted more than just negative things. As a result of the advances in medicine, the astrologer also predicts that people's life expectancy will increase.

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Language Barriers Will Be Eliminated.

Whether it be the invention of a universal language, or some technology that will eliminate this division between different cultures, 2019 will be a year that will allow us to easily understand each other, according to Nostradamus.

It is clear that these are mere prophecies of an astrologer from 1500s who, in some occasions, has had successes. It should not be taken to the letter, but we still check in with his predictions year after year!