Here's How To View This Year's "Christmas Comet"


If you want to brave the cold this weekend, you will be rewarded. The 2018 "Christmas comet" will be viewable on December 16th. This is the closest that the 46P Wirtanen comet have ben to the earth in 400 years.

It'll be easiest to see it through a telescope or binoculars, but it should be viewable through the naked eye as well, especially if you can find an area without much light pollution. You can also view the comet online via this virtual telescope.

What's more, the Geminid meteor showers are happening on December 13th and 14th, and here's how to view them as well.

For the best viewing experience, hang out in the dark and let your eyes get accustomed to the lack of lighting for a while first. The comet and meteors will be that much brighter!

It should be a gloriously celestial week - just in time for the holidays!