100 Of World's Greatest Places According To Time Magazine: Spotlight On The Americas

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Time magazine recently released their list of the world's 100 greatest places, and it's positively inspiring. We want to travel to literally everywhere on the list!

However, there are some standouts in both North and South America that are particularly tempting. Ready to jump on a plane and explore? Check out our personal top five from Time's 100 greatest places...

eight tables san francisco worlds greatest places 2018

Eight Tables In San Francisco, USA

This stylish boutique restaurant within a restaurant (Eight Tables is located within China Live, a more casual spot that mimics the experience you'd get in an Asian hawker center - you should eat there too!) gives guests an experience that has deep roots going back to the days of the Qing dynasty. It's ten course menu is Si Fang Cai or "Private Chateau Cuisine" - the kind of food you'd get at the tables of Chinese nobility or if you have real "Guanxi". Owned by James Beard award winner George Chen and founder of the groundbreaking Shanghai 1930, each meal starts with nine small bites representing the nine essential flavors of Chinese cuisine and continues with precious ingredients like foie gras and caviar. What's more, the space itself is styled like it could be the Chen family's private chateau with eight intimate tables and portraits of Chen's father and grandfather, as well as a tribute to his beloved late dog Marley. The restaurant has won awards for the impeccable decor as well as the spectacular food.

underwater museum of florida art worlds greatest places 2018 15

Underwater Museum Of Art In Florida, USA

America's first underwater museum is a real adventure! It's located half a nautical mile off the panhandle coast of Florida and it's mostly accessible by scuba diving, although the tops of the sculptures can be viewed by boat. And it's much more than art. As the executive director explains, "The purpose is for (the sculptures) to become part of the environment, enhancing it and stimulating the ecosystem". New designs will be added every year.

governors island new york city worlds greatest places 2018

Governors Island In New York City, USA

Did you know that you can go glamping without leaving New York City? You most certainly can at this former Coast Guard base turned into a lush 172 acre public park complete with the eco-friendly complex "The Hills" with stunning views of the city and ocean. Visit in the summer and stay overnight in luxurious tents, or any other time of the year to enjoy a bit of nature just outside of the city.

teopanzolco cultural center cuernavaca worlds greatest places 2018

Teopanzolco Cultural Center Cuernavca In Mexico

Located in Cuernavca (near Puebla), this Aztec inspired performance center is ultra contemporary but still keeps its ties to the past, mirroring the actual Aztec pyramids nearby. According to the architect, the goal was the create a place where “contemporary cultural life establishes an ongoing dialogue with our past.

central lima worlds greatest places 20181

Central Restaurant in Lima, Peru

Peruvian cuisine is beginning to become downright trendy, but this avant garde dining spot is hardly the ceviche or lomo saltado joint that you'd expect. Rather, it's an exploration of Peru's biodiversity through a sixteen course tasting menu filled with unusual ingredients including piranha, chaco clay, alpaca, and more, all led by acclaimed chef Virgilio Martinez (who's appeared on Chef's Table, among many other honors) and his wife Pia Leon, who has herr own restaurant Kjolle next door. Think food laboratory - and they have one of those too in the form of Mater Incentiva, the research arm that underscores the couple's growing empire. Open since 2008, the spot is considered one of the best restaurants in the world with spin off concept Mil in the Sacred Valley and the upcoming Ichu Peru in Hong Kong.

We're ready to get on the next plane!