Super Blue Blood Moon: Where Are The Best Places To See It?

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On January 31st, the world will experience a unique event. In other words, a lunar eclipse will occur at the same time of a blue moon, a phenomenon that last happened 152 years ago. However, this spectacular event can only be experienced from certain parts of the world.

Where can you see the Super Blue Blood Moon?

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The Super Blue Blood Moon will be visible across all of North America during the morning of January 31st. The most benefited will be the spectators of the west coast, who will be able to observe the phenomenon in its completeness. Meanwhile, the spectators of the east coast will be able to observe it for only a few minutes, before the moon returns to normal.

As far as Mexico is concerned, viewers located further west will observe the phenomenon around 4 a.m., while those closest to the center will see it minutes before 5 o'clock. On the other hand, the spectators of the east zone will be able to observe it almost at 6 a.m. In the latter case, you can only enjoy the astronomical show for a few minutes, as long as it is not cloudy.

The phenomenon will hardly be visible in South America. Only partial effects on the 20 hours of Colombia and the 21 or 22 hours of Argentina can be seen.

Remember that, to see the Super Blue Blood Moon in its entirety, it is always advisable to go to a dark and elevated place. Fortunately, you do not need special instruments, or lenses, or protection. Our curiosity and eyes are more than enough.

*Translated from the original article by Rodrigo Zeballos published on VIX Español

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