8 Shocking Things You Didn't Know Are Happening In The World Right Now

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Even though we are living in the technological age and we are saturated with information, we still may not be aware of many shocking things happening around us. Here are eight things you probably have no idea are going on in the world today.

1. Desert growth

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If climate change is melting the poles, imagine the effect it has on areas that are already hot and dry. Many areas of the world are expanding year after year. A clear example is the Sahara, which has already extended 6,000 square kilometers since 1990.

2. Decreased cancer


Although its still a terrible disease, the cancer rate affecting the world's population has decreased by 20 percent in the last 20 years. Best of all, it's expected to continue declining in the coming years.

3. Deaths in stadium construction for Qatar 2022

Up to 1,000 immigrant workers could die over the construction of the stadiums needed for the World Cup in 2020 in Qatar. The subject is handled with great secrecy in an attempt to keep up the image of the rich Arab state. There is already an air of controversy over the country winning the World Cup bid.

4. Bees are dying off

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Bees are dying at an alarming rate, whether it be from parasites or insecticides. In 1998, there were about 5 million beehives in the US alone, and today that number has decreased by about 50 percent.

5. Antibiotics are becoming less effective


New bacteria has come with a vengeance, and offer great resistance both in humans and animals. In the future, we will need stronger antibiotics, but they may come with more serious and harmful side effects.

6. Modern slavery


The concept of "modern slavery" refers to when a person obtains an economic benefit as a result of depriving another of his or her individual freedom. There are currently about 35 millions modern slaves in the world.

7. Coltan mine slavery

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Coltan is needed for making smartphones since the material is known for its superconducting properties. Rwanda, a small African country and the main exporter of this material, uses slavery in its coltan mines. This is very similar to the concept of "blood diamonds" in Sierra Leone.

8. Blood smuggling


There are "human farms" in poor countries like India, where human beings are chained and their blood is drawn to later be sold on the black market.

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