How Many People Have Died On Earth?

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Did you know that 7.5 billion people live on our planet today and the number continues to grow? That's an astounding number, but considering that many individuals are living on our planet have you ever wonder how many people have lived and died here since the dawn of our species?

Although it is impossible to accurately calculate such a number, there is a number based on a series of proven statistic variables. To come up with the figure we have to consider those who inhabited our planet from the year 8,000 BCE.

Growth and changes: how many people have died on Earth?

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We know how many people live on Earth today, but how many have passed away through the years on the planet during the history of the human race? In the year 8 thousand a. EC, it is estimated that the population was five million with a birth rate of 80 babies per 1000 inhabitants.

Coming to year 1 of the Common Era, the population increased 300 million, with a growth of 0.051 percent per year. It's important to note that in prehistory the average of longevity was very low since few managed to surpass early childhood.

By the year 1200 CE, the population rose to 450 million and in 1650 it managed to increase to 500 million, although it must be considered that the black plague in the 14th century killed around 85 million of the planet's inhabitants, including in Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Coming to the twentieth century we see a tremendous increase in population passing the 1.6 billion, thanks to the growing number of people who survived childhood due to advances in health and thus could reproduce once they reached adulthood, A figure that continued to grow to reach the current 7.5 billion.

Considering how many people the Earth has had in different periods and the conditions they had to cope with a low and growing rate of longevity, Carl Haub, a demographic expert with the Population Reference Bureau estimates that of the total population to inhabit the planet, 6.94 percent of it is alive today.

If we consider that experts indicate that between the year 8 thousand a. EC and today 108 billion people were born, almost 101, 088 billion of the Earth's total inhabitants have died. A number that seems very high, but it's really not so much if we consider future predictions.

By 2020, based on data from the United Nations, the Earth will reach 7.58 billion people and in 2056 it would reach an impressive figure of 10 billion, which would be double of what it was just 69 years earlier in 1987.

At some point, we have to wonder how many people could actually live here on Earth. How large the population eventually will get all depends on how many years our planet has left since the product of global warming, wars, and atomic threats could drastically alter our civilization.


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