This House In New York Is Completely Frozen After A Violent Storm

Next time you complain about the weather, just be lucky you don’t live here.

A house in Webster, NY is completely frozen due to the frigid temperatures and violent wind chill from Lake Ontario. The house, which, surely, on a regular day, would have a stunning view of the lake, is unfortunately… not, like that, anymore.

Photographer John Kucko, who snapped these shots, insists they’re not photoshopped. The house next door is also visibly struggling.

According totheAssociated Press, (via US News) the storm, which took place at the end of last week, delivered hurricane-force winds that left 200,000 people in western New York without electricity in. The winds began hitting the region on Wednesday afternoon, through the Buffalo area and into the southern shore of Lake Ontario.

The National Weather Service predicts 45 mph in some areas near Lake Erie and Lake Ontario coming into this week. Stay safe, everyone!

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