Airline Makes History By Flying Around The World With An All-Women Crew

all woman crew air india makes history
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Just in time for International Women’s Day, Air India announced that it’s the first airline to fly an all-women crew around the world.

The first flight, AI173, took off from Delhi on February 27, flew over the Pacific Ocean, and stopped in San Francisco after 15 and a half hours. The second flight, AI174, touched down in Delhi after flying over the Atlantic.

Everyone from cockpit crew to customer care staff was a woman, including flight dispatchers and engineers. Even the person who did the safety audit was a woman!

According to CNN, Air India has applied for a Guinness World Record, and it’s not the first time they make headlines. Mashabable reports that they were the first airline to take the trans-Pacific route instead of the Atlantic route to run the longest non-stop flight in the shortest amount of time, back in October 2016.

Furthermore, in January, they made headlines for reserving an entire row on domestic flights for women passengers traveling alone, at no extra cost. This announcement came following reports that women were being groped by male passengers, although the airline denies this influenced their decision.

Both flights were flown by Captains Sunita Narula, Kshamta Bajpai, Indira Singh, and Gunjan Aggarwal. The all-women crew was led by Ms. Seema Baberwal and Ms. Nishrin Bandulwala.

Hats off to these unstoppable women.

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