Photos Of The Sahara's First Snowfall In 37 Years


The deserts around the world are the hottest, driest, and most inhospitable places on Earth. That can present some of the most beautiful landscapes. When you think of Africa, and the Sahara, which is the largest desert on the planet, the last thing anyone would think of is snow.

That thought is for good reason. On December 19th, for the first time in 37 years the rare event of snow falling in the Sahara region happened.

What a way to lead into Christmas, huh!

Just hearing about it is astounding, but take a look at the gorgeous pictures that capture the real beauty of what seems to be impossible.

The Sahara covers over 9 million square kilometers and encompasses most of the northern section of the African continent. Temperatures can reach more than 122 degrees Fahrenheit, and the average temp in the winter is about 86 degrees.


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