3 Ways To Practice Self Care In 2019

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Start the new year off right by practicing self care. Whether your body needs nourishment or your mind needs to relax and heal, creating a solid self care routine can improve your outlook on life and help you better serve the ones you love. A solid self care practice will also help you get to know yourself better and deepen the connection you have with your soul. It can also help you teach others about the importance of taking care of themselves.

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1. Wake Up Early

Start the new year off right by integrating better sleep patterns into your lifestyle. According to Texas University, students who reported going to bed early and waking up early had higher test scores and higher GPAs. Waking up early can also give you extra time to further integrate self care into your routine. Rather than sleeping, you can celebrate the start of a new day with a cup of tea, take five minutes to be grateful for everything you have or take a 15 minute walk and get the body moving. Regardless of what you choose to do, waking up a couple minutes earlier can jump start your day and help strengthen your self care routine.

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2. Keep A Journal

Open up a notebook and writing your thoughts down is one way to integrate self care into the new year. Journaling is a positive way to connect with yourself because it helps you sort through your ideas and remove mental clutter. It can also be a great release if you are dealing with a very difficult life situation. Select a specific time and space each day where you will release your worries through writing.

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3. Try Meditation

One of the most powerful ways to connect with yourself and your self care routine is by integrating a daily meditation practice to your life. If you haven’t already started a meditation practice, creating one is simple. Just like journaling, designate a specific time and space each day that will be used for meditating. To start, simply close your eyes and focus on the center of your forehead. When thoughts start flooding your mind, connect with each breath and count them if you are unable to quiet your mind. By establishing a solid self care routine in your life, you will feel more relaxed, more loved and more inspired each day.