Why You Deserve A Massage

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Are you already tired of the holiday season? Do you have a sore back or aching legs? Tension in the body builds up after time and one best ways to remove it is by scheduling a massage.

Besides releasing tension, it’s a great way to take time for yourself and just relax. Here’s why regular massages can enhance your overall health and well-being (in case you needed an actual reason to book that massage appointment)...

Relieve digestive issues and flatten your stomach.

Massages help reduce tension all over the body, but can have an especially strong impact on the stomach and digestive organs. Through specific styles of massage and different pressures, stomach inflammation and indigestion can lessen and even disappear entirely.

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Reduce fibromyalgia or other chronic pain.

Using massage as a treatment for chronic nerve pain, also known as fibromyalgia is one way to reduce tension and improve a person’s overall physical and psychological health. Massages for fibromyalgia patients restore muscle tenacity, which restores activity within muscles that have lost function because of chronic pain.

Improve your sleep.

Massages help the body relax on a deep level by improving circulation and reducing tension within deep layers of muscle and tissue. By scheduling appointments at night, patients can enjoy a deeper sleep and a relaxed body. By relaxing the body before we sleep, we can enjoy eight hours of relaxation and rejuvenation.


Increase your mental clarity.

Without knowing it, we often store our unwanted stress in different parts of the body. The most common parts of the body that stress affects is the neck, shoulders and hips. By removing that tension and pain, we can think clearer, take a breath and make better decisions by calming the mind.

Prevent recurring injuries.

Sometimes the body holds on to the physical tension and won’t let allow old injuries to heal. By physically untying the body’s knots, worn out muscles can relax and old injuries can disappear. This includes busted knees, tired ankles and overused shoulders.

It’s clear that massages can help your body feel better, but they can also heal your mind in a deeper and more long-term way. By taking an hour or ninety minutes to remove tension from your body through massage, you can improve your health and improve your life. Besides, don't you deserve a massage once in a while?