This Sculpture Shows How Obsessed We Are With Our Phones

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We've all been guilty of paying more attention to our phones than our company or surroundings at times.

Artists Gali May Lucas and Karoline Hinz recently created a sculpture that highlights how we are all absorbed in our phones.

It's currently on display at the Amsterdam Light Festival, one of the largest light festivals in Europe.

Meant to show how our collective obsession with technology affects our relationship, it's an especially poignant message during the holidays - supposedly a time of togetherness and family bonding.

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New project! “Absorbed by light” is an installation by @galilucas for this years @amsterdamlightfestival , executed by me in my Berlin studio. It’s a scene typically encountered today on a regular basis where people find themselves much rather interacting with their smartphones instead of each other. Ironically, Gali found my work over half a year ago via instagram and commissioned me to bring her idea to life. I am insanely happy that we got to work on this together and can’t thank you enough for being the kind person you are🖤 the Amsterdam Light Festival is running until January 20th and you can find the installation in front of the Hermitage museum, lit up every night. Feel free to take a seat. And don’t forget to take the whole route to see some spectacular artworks all over the city!🌌 (First picture by Janus van Eijden, second by Richard Rigby)// #absorbedbylight #galilucas #propshopberlin #amsterdamlightfestival #sculpture #sculptor #fiberglass

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