This Post About Stay-At-Parenting Being The Hardest Job In The World Was Shared Over 400,000 Times

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Ryshell Castleberry

Being a stay at home parent is one of the most difficult and underappreciated jobs on the planet, so here's a shout-out to all the amazing moms and dads out there!

What's more, there's a good reason why this Facebook post from tattoo artist and stay at home mom Ryshell Castleberry was shared so many times - she pointed out how hard it is to be a "mom who doesn't work" and how in fact that being a stay at home parent might be the most work of all.

We love this quote...

"I work as a wife of the home, 24 hours a day...

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I am a mother,

I am a woman,

I am a daughter,

I’m the alarm clock,

I’m the cook,

I’m the maid,

I am the master,

I’m the bartender,

I’m the babysitter,

I’m a nurse,

I am a manual worker,

I’m a security officer,

I’m the adviser,

I am the comforter,

I don’t have a vacation,

I don’t have a license for disease.

I don’t have a day off

I work day and night,

I’m on duty all the time,

I do not receive salary and...

Even so, I often hear the phrase:

“but what do you do all day?”

Dedicated to all the women who give their lives for the welfare of their families

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The woman is like salt: Her presence is not remembered, but its absence makes everything left without flavor.

Share with all the beautiful ladies of your life."

And while her post was about women, it applies to all stay-at-home parents - tell all the awesome men and women out there doing their best for their families that they are awesome today!