This 61-Year-Old Woman Has An Incredible Body And Shares 3 Magical Morning Drinks

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There is no one who is not surprised by the youth and physical fitness of Yazemeenah Rossi. At age 61, she continues to work as a model and surprises her followers with bikini photos (and even topless) on her Instagram account.

Fit after 60

In an interview with VIX, the French woman, who is also an actress, affirmed that maintaining her body is not a sacrifice since she was always adept at a healthy life. Despite that, Yazemeenah has some morning drinks that help keep your metabolism accelerated.

Morning drinks beneficial to losing weight

Yazemeenah revealed 3 of her go-to drinks: hot water with lemon, apple cider vinegar, or herbal tea with ginger.

Also, avoid eating refined sugar and very rarely eat chips. Maintain a diet with little red meat and always give preference to organic and steamed foods.

"I am not obsessed with physical activity or diet. When I travel I always look for simple meals in restaurants," she highlights when talking about his preference for fish and fresh foods.

Yazemeenah also ensures that she does not stop drinking wine and eating chocolate when she feels the desire to do so, she does not deprive himself of anything!

Physical activity

Outside of healthy eating, the model is an assiduous practitioner of yoga. Every day, before having breakfast, she practices yoga at home to feel good and in balance. She also likes to exercise on the beach. For the French, good shape at age 61 is only a consequence of their healthy habits.

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Translated article original published on VIX Spanish, by Giovanna Mazzeo.