Women Are Now Using Their Period Blood As Facials... Just Wait Until You See It

period facials

Not only are they a huge beauty trend, but facial masks are used to draw out impurities, exfoliate, hydrate, and sooth the face. They can be clay, peel-off, thermal, cream, warm-oil, or natural, according to She Knows. Mud, foods, glitter, ~oh, and now blood~ are popular facial masks used by women.

Yes, you read that right: Period Facials are becoming a thing.

This is Yazmina Jade...

She's a self-described "blood witch" from Australia, who is inspiring other women to do what she's doing: using her own menstruation blood as a facial treatment.

In early January she had a realization about Aunt Flow and decided to share her experience with the world. In a post on Insta, she revealed that through her teen years and early 20s she felt like sh*t and annoyed every time she got her period. Now, as she's getting to know and connecting with her body, Yazmina has decided to smear her own period blood on her face to show how powerful and natural it is.

Read her entire post below:

When asked in the comments why the "Period Facial," Yazmina responded:

"I had shamed and hated my period for so long.. and lately I've been doing practices to reclaiming my feminine essence. And on my last bleed I felt drawn to actually touch my blood and connect with it. I was shocked [to know] how connected it made me feel with my body and womb. It was my own personal experience. I’m not saying everybody needs to do this to connect with their BODY!! It’s more just an expression to give permission to women who have shamed and disowned there feminine self. It can look like many things but for me, it was reclaiming my blood and I just felt the need to put it on my face ? no big deal. Not for everyone. But it definitely changed the way I view my body and monthly bleed. ❤️"

Other women, such as Karen Prosen, felt inspired and did their own bloody facials:

Would you get a Period Facial? Let us know in the comments!

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