No More Stitches, No More Scars!

Right after a surgery or getting an open wound, the thing that worries everyone is receiving stitches and more than likely, a scar!

What if you don’t have to worry about that anymore?

Thanks to Michael Lebner of Wellesley, Massachusetts, stitches and scars have become a thing of the past. Lebner invented ClozeX, an innovative wound closure device made of interlaced strips known as coaptive films.

These bandage strips are taped on both sides of the break of the skin and then they are pulled together, holding them in place.

How did Michael Lebner come up with this device?

Even though he is not a physician, he invented ClozeX Closures after his daughter’s snowboarding knee injury and his wife’s hand laceration sutured in an emergency room. The unsightly scars and stitches left on both his loved ones, made such an impact on him, that he decided there had to be a better way.

ClozeX Closures have become mainstream due to it’s non-invasive procedure, with a low risk of infection, and cosmetic improvement. The device is already being used in 50 hospitals and in more than 10,000 surgeries from appendectomies, hernias, and even pediatric heart surgery. They come in eleven sizes and cover wounds from 10 mm to 100 mm (4 inches) with one device.

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ClozeX Medical LLC

So, what’s next?

Lebner hopes that his creation will migrate from hospitals to first responders, first aid kits, military, NGO’s, American Red Cross, schools, and eventually into the medicine cabinet of every home.

We will soon say goodbye to scars and stitches...for good!

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