Wireless Vs. Underwire: Which Bra Is Better For Your Health?


If you're one who hates the feeling of underwire bras poking and prodding you in all the wrong places, this article is for you.

Turns out wearing bras without underwire can actually be better for your breast health. Breast tissue contains a lot of lymphatic tissue, and the lymph system is the part of our body that is responsible for getting rid of toxins. Movement is what helps the lymph system drain, which is why jumping on a trampoline can help your lymph nodes move toxins through the body.

Underwire bras lock this movement, meaning that women run the risk of holding into toxins in her body. In their bookDressed to Kill, authors Sydney Singer and Soma Grismaijer wanted to bust the myth surrounding underwire bras. Were they really that bad for women?

The answer was yes. According to a study that they conducted which took 4,000 women, "women who wore bras 24 hours per day had a 3 out of 4 chance of developing breast cancer."

They also found that women who ditched their bras altogether for 12 hours each day only had about a 1.9 percent chance of getting breast cancer. Women who pretty much never worse bras only had a 0.59 percent chance of getting breast cancer.

A Japanese study also found that women who wore bras had significantly lower melatonin levels. France followed with its own study, and found that ditching bras can help keep breasts looking perky.

If you're looking to ditch your underwire bra but don't know where to start, try buying a bralette and wearing that for a little while. When you don't need to wear a bra, try and skip it, and try massaging your breasts to air with lymph flow.

Other tips for better breast health? Make sure to conduct a self-exam each month for breast cancer symptoms, and skip out on toxic personal care products, like talcum powder and body lotions full of chemicals.

Your girls will thank you!

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