9 Surprising Places Where It'll Hurt Less To Get A Tattoo


If you've been considering getting a tattoo as of late, but are worried about it hurting, there are several places you can get inked that actually won't send you through the roof. Many times, we go into a situation involving pain and expecting it to be much worse than it is, and that anxiety is what fuels out sensitivity even more.

Pain differs for different people, which is why when you ask one person if getting a tattoo on their thigh hurt, they might say no, and someone else might say it was incredibly painful. The reason why tattoos hurt in the first place is simple: you're getting inked way below the surface of your first layer of skin. The layer where the ink get deposited is called the dermis, which contains the nerve cells that send pain signals to your brain.

Your outer layer of skin that constantly regenerates itself is called the epidermis, but that's not where you're getting your tattoo. Since the ink is deposited in a layer deeper than the epidermis, the ink stays practically for life (minus some touch-ups here and there), since the skin does not flake off.

So to make you cringe even more, there are spots where the pain is going to be excruciating. Some areas, like the spine, face, an feet are going to be very painful, while other areas, like the back of your shoulder and your calves, will be less painful.

Here are the nine best places to get a tattoo if you're looking for it to not send you through the roof in pain.

1. Outer arm

2. Forearm

3. Shoulder

4. Back of the neck

5. Behind your ear

6. Your calves

7. Lower back

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8. Stomach

9. Thigh

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