This 'Sailor Moon' Attraction At Universal Studios Is Everything You Wanted As A Child

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Universal Studios Japan / Naoko Takeuchi

Japan is the dreamland of every fan of Sailor Moon. Themed cafes, exclusive stores dedicated to the series and now, a 4D tour with wands and more! Of course, it had to be in Universal Studios that's located in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Universal Cool Japan 2018 is the project of this theme park in which many attractions were inspired by some of the most emblematic Japanese characters: Final Fantasy, Detective Conan, Monster Hunter and Sailor Moon.

The Sailor Moon attraction kicked off on March 16 and will run until June 24. It is a 4D feature in which you will find yourself watching a Sailor Moon film in a movie theater until a sinister being decides to attack the park and then the Sailor Scouts appear to save the day. (Yes, it's a movie about you watching a movie).

To defeat the monsters of that evil entity, visitors must enter the battle and join forces with Serena. The photos of that moment are so adorable that they will touch your geeky heart.

If you were a sucker for Darien, Universal Studios has another surprise that you will love:

One of the most entertaining parts of the theme parks is to visit the souvenir shop. Obviously, you KNOW that merch is going to be cute!

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ピアスセット(5個) リボンデザインのスペシャルなジュエリーケースを開ければ5つのピアスが! プレゼントにもぜひ。 イヤリング パールをルナとアルテミスに見立てたおしゃれなロングイヤリング。友だちにうらやましがられること間違いなし! #ジュエリー #ピアス #イヤリング #ジュエリーケース #パールイヤリング #プレゼント #ルナ #アルテミス #USJ #ユニバーサルスタジオジャパン #universalstudiosjapan #セーラームーン #セーラームーングッズ #セーラームーン25th #sailormoon #美少女戦士セーラームーン © 武内直子・PNP・東映アニメーション

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Tシャツ(黒) セーラームーンのシルエットをゴールドでプリント。大人っぽく着こなしてくださいね。 Tシャツ(アイコン) キュートなアイコンをちりばめた総柄Tシャツ。おしゃれに着こなしてくださいね。 #Tシャツ #アイコン #コーディネイト #USJ #ユニバーサルスタジオジャパン #universalstudiosjapan #セーラームーン #セーラームーングッズ #セーラームーン25th #sailormoon #美少女戦士セーラームーン ©Naoko Takeuchi © 武内直子・PNP・東映アニメーション TM & © Universal Studios.

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From 0 to 10, how much do you want to fly to Japan at this time?

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