Japan Welcomes Spring Covered In Cherry Blossoms; Look At The Amazing Photos!

 japon flores de cerezo sakura
Carl Court/Getty Images

If there is something that characterizes the beautiful Japanese landscape it's, without doubt, the cherry blossom.

Also known as Sakura, this beautiful flower floods the streets of Japan every year and is a sign that hanami is in town. Hanami, according to the National Park Service, "is one of the most popular events of Spring. Crowds of people - families, groups of friends, and groups from companies sit under the fully open cherry blossoms, usually on plastic tarps, and have a picnic celebration ( a hanami party!)."

Japan welcomed spring with the arrival of this exciting phenomenon. The following photos were taken in Tokyo and are just beautiful!

japon flores de cerezo sakura 2
Carl Court/Getty Images
japon flores de cerezo sakura 3
Carl Court/Getty Images
japon flores de cerezo sakura 4
Carl Court/Getty Images
japon flores de cerezo sakura 5
Carl Court/Getty Images

The phenomenon lasts only a few weeks, and that is why both residents and tourists are dedicated to appreciating this beauty. After those short weeks, the petals begin to fall and flood the Japanese cities with their characteristic pink and white colors, and never lose their beauty.

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Translated article original published on VIX Spanish, by Romina Fierro.