There's A Rare Snow Storm In Rome And You Have To See The Photos To Believe It

In the middle of winter, Europe is suffering unimaginable cold weather. Low temperatures have caused heavy snow in cities where it usually does not snow.

This time it was Rome's turn. And, now, its streets are not only full of a white layer but locals and tourists alike are making their own snowmen and playing with snowballs. But the most spectacular, perhaps, is to see the Vatican, the Coliseum or the Fontana di Trevi, full of snow.

The cold wave will remain throughout the week. While they are temperatures that Rome is not used to, there are no great risks.

1. Sun and snow

2. Frozen

3. Tourism

4. Under snow

5. Is there anything more beautiful than this?

6. Should I ask again?

7. Saint Peter painted in white

8. Classic motos

9. I wish I was there

10. Beautiful snow

11. At night

12. Imagine waking up to this

13. Headed to the Vatican

14. Snow was

What are your thoughts on these pictures of Rome under snow?

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Translated article original published on VIX Spanish, by Valentina C.