In Secret, All Pregnant Women Have Done This...

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It's time to confess ... We all did some things during pregnancy that we kept secret! Surely you will tell me that I am right and you will laugh for a while!

We do not shave

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Most of us let pass the time without shaving ... Do not deny it, surely it happened to you.

We stopped wearing heels on the grounds that they did not match our outfit

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The reality was because we were not getting in, our feet are very swollen.

We justify almost everything by the hormones

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Well ... unless it's what we say as an excuse during pregnancy.

We always carry the hand on the belly

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So that everyone knows that pregnancy is not fat.

More than once we wet our pants

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It is that being able to urinate is very difficult. Much more if we cough, sneeze or laugh loudly.

We cry for everything

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And if ... for the blessed hormones, we cry for everything! ( I don't get this line LOL)

We were afraid that the baby was born prematurely when we went to the bathroom

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That causes us great constipation during what does this mean( tooodo )the pregnancy.

We exaggerate the way of walking

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We look like emperor penguins, ducks or chickens but that does not matter, we are pregnant and we are allowed anything!

We blame our cravings on the baby...


The excuse of pregnancy allows us to eat anything we want and at any time.

We stop doing some things we do not like

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The excuse of pregnancy is for other people to do things that we loathed like ironing clothes or cooking.

We wanted to get the best selfie of our belly

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And nobody found out that we spent hours to find the perfect pose.

I bet some of this happened to you during your pregnancy. After thinking about it a little, they are things that after living almost all of us is very funny, do not you think?


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