Video Of A Groom Saying That He Loves Someone Else At The Altar Is Moving The Web

Jefferson Hernandes and Jessica Millena got married in November 2016, but one event continues to have repercussions until now. The groom's unusual and beautiful vows. The exciting moment was recorded on video and has millions of views.

The groom's wedding surprise

The groom begins by thanking the guests and emphasizing how important they are in the couple's life. Then, he says that, if it weren't for a special person, the marriage wouldn't happen and that he wants to declare himself precisely for her.

Jefferson, then, calls to the altar his future stepdaughter, Giovana, 8 years old. He kneels down and starts to talk about the beautiful relationship they have built in the past 3 years.

Declaration for the stepdaughter

"I don't know how to explain the love I feel for you, because I don't think it has an explanation. But if I could ask God for anything, I would ask to have you as my daughter. (...) I promise to always give you love, protection and the best I can to make you happy. I love you, my love," he said getting emotional.

Giovana then took the opportunity to say that she accepts Jefferson as her "dad from the heart". With that, the bride, groom and many guests burst into tears.

Father-daughter relationship

Jefferson told VIX that the wedding was only possible thanks to his stepdaughter, since when he started dating Jessica three years before, he made a joke and asked if Giovana would let him date her mother.

"Giovana was 5 years old and we had to be a little careful to introduce me as her mother's boyfriend. First, I was introduced as a friend. I became Giovanna's friend until the day I asked if I could date her mother," he recalls.

Giovana "allowed" and has always had an excellent relationship with Jefferson , which he considers as having been key to make his relationship with Jessica work. "If it wasn't for Giovana, the marriage wouldn't have happened. That's why I decided to talk to her first," he says.

Video Repercussion

Although the couple did not imagine that the recording would have such a big repercussion, the family is very happy with the messages they have been receiving.

"We are very happy to be spreading love and a good example. What moved me the most was a story that said that our video helped a stepfather to start treating his stepdaughter better," celebrates Jessica.


Translated article original published on VIX Brazil, by Giovanna Mazzeo.