Arturo Castro Talks About His New Comedy Central Sketch Series 'Alternatino'

Juliana Barrera/ VIX

After Narcos and Broad City ended its run, Arturo Castro begins a new chapter on Comedy Central with his own sketch-comedy show. The series, premiering this summer is based on Castro’s experiences as a Latino millennial in the United States, and is sure to entertain.

The Guatemalan comedian sat down with VIX to reveal all the details of his versatile project which covers a wide range of topics including immigration, relationships and everyday scenarios in an innovative and hilarious approach.

About Alternatino

Latinos are at the forefront of a cultural conversation around immigration and American identity. Yet, we still don’t see much about their experience in popular culture. In Alternatino with Arturo Castro, Arturo Castro (Broad City, Narcos) continues Comedy Central’s unparalleled legacy of developing the biggest and most culturally relevant sketch comedy – launching the careers of stars like Dave Chappelle, Amy Schumer, Nick Kroll, Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele – using modern Latino identity (misconceptions and all) as a fresh filter for cultural commentary about our daily lives and the zeitgeist...all rooted in his personal experience.