Meet Raoul Bova: 10 Things You Need To Know About The Sweet Villain Of 'La Reina Del Sur 2'

"La Reina del Sur" is back and in this second season we will meet Francesco Belmondo or “Lupo” played by the popular Italian actor Raoul Bova; who is also here to make us fall in love with a new sweet villain.

Here's what you need to know about Kate del Castillo's new hot colleague:

1. Raoul Bova was born in Rome in 1971 and joined the Italian army at age 21.

2. He was a national swimming champion before becoming an actor.

3. He's just like us because he loves dogs.

4. He began his acting career on Italian television, joining the cast of the award-winning crime drama "La Piovra."

5. The actor worked with Sarah Jessica Parker in the film “All roads lead to Rome.”

6. He also had a supporting role in the blockbuster" Under the Tuscan Sun."

7. Raoul is very committed to social work and dedicated to a number of charity activities and campaigns.

8. He's tall, handsome and he loves his kids.

9. Raoul Bova plays the lead role of Francesco Belmondo “Lupo” on "La Reina del Sur 2" with Kate del Castillo and Humberto Zurita.

10. Recently he played the role of Pope Sixtus IV in the international TV Series “Medici – The Magnificent.”