Gina Rodriguez Gets Emotional During The Final Table Read For ‘Jane The Virgin’ 

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Frederick M. Brown / Stringer

Gina Rodriguez broke down in tears with her cast during her final table read for "Jane The Virgin." The show is coming to an end and Justin Baldoni, the actor who plays heartthrob Rafael Solis, has something to say:

Justin express how bittersweet it's to take part in the final table read for the beloved show.

“Five years of cast table reads every week … this was the last one,” Justin Baldoni, captioned and shared a selfie with Gina Rodriguez and Yael Grobglas. “Ends are always hard. We’ve grown up together. Been through massive life moments together. Through joy and pain. These are real friendships. Not “show friendships”. It’s the end of an era but the beginning of so many incredible things."

The actor also revealed that there are only three weeks left of filming and he wanted to take a moment and thanked all the fans who watched the series.

"Our show has given birth to so much beauty in all of our lives. So many tears. But they are tears of gratitude," Baldoni said.

According to CW, while these characters are moving on, Jane the Virgin isn't entirely coming to an end. There will be a spinoff based on Jane's anthology series; so we will have to wait to see what's next and what will be the closing chapter for Jane.

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