Sesame Street Celebrates Autism Awareness Month By Introducing Julia's Family For The First Time

julia sesamestreet
Photo by Richard Termine/Sesame Workshop

Two years ago, Sesame Street introduced Julia, the first character with autism, to children and fans around the world. And now, in honor of Autism Awareness Month, the show will have a very special episode where we will meet her entire family.

“We’re thrilled to expand Julia’s world with her parents, big brother, and her adorable dog, Rose, in our new resources” said Sherrie Westin, President of Global Impact and Philanthropy, Sesame Workshop. “Children with autism often face unique challenges, as do their parents and siblings. But every family faces challenges of some sort, which is why we are focusing on what all families have in common. In a family, everyone has different roles, challenges, and strengths, and everyone can learn from one another.”

While Julia's family won't be appearing on Sesame Street just yet, the website for the show's autism initiative "Amazing in All Children" offers three new videos featuring the family and articles with tips for parents, families and friends.

Check out some of the new pictures of Julia's family and friends.

julias family
(Richard Termine/Sesame Workshop)
starfish hug 4
(Richard Termine/Sesame Workshop)

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