Jane The Virgin's Final Season Starts In March

We're sad to say goodbye to Jane Villanueva and the rest of the characters on this hilariously poignant show, but we can't wait to see how they wrap things up.

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Show creator Jennie Snyder Urman says that this season will be the best ever, with the diverse and female-centric group of writers agreeing (which is only appropriate for a show about three powerful and creative Latinas!

The show's team met up at the Vulture Festival in Los Angeles and shared some details about the new series, which will air on CW on Wednesday nights starting in March, and run straight through with no commercials.

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Writer Rafael Agustin told Deadline that his own history of being an undocumented student had made him “so proud” of the Alba Villaneuva (Ivonne Coll) storyline in which she deals with being undocumented, and that show's central storyline about a family of “three powerful Latina women” as “uniquely American which is in itself an act of resistance against this administration.”

And the sheer diversity of the writing team really made this telenovella with a twist what it was...

Having a diverse writers’ room has also been absolutely vital in reflecting Jane’s experience as a Venezuelan-Mexican-American, co-executive producter Valentina Garza also said to Deadline. “As a viewer I felt really reflected in who I was, but the issue of Jane’s otherness was not central to her character…we don’t get fixated on culture in the way that some writers do when they’re trying to write about people from other cultures.”

We can't wait to see how things wrap for the Villanueva family.