Watch This Underrated Netflix Show: Cable Girls (Season 3 Out September 7th)


What are you doing this weekend? If you're planning a relaxing time spent on the couch (or a Netflix and chill session, wink wink), then you owe to yourself to check out Cable Girls if you haven't already.

Season 3 is being released on September 7th, so you have two days to catch up!

Not familiar with the show?

We're not surprised - it's underrated in a lot of the world!

Drama and intrigue in historic Madrid

It's a historical drama set in 1920s Madrid with a cast of glamorous - and tough, feminist - women who are navigating a new world of freedom alongside some dreamy but dangerous women. Yes, it's pretty much a soap opera, but we all need those in our lives sometimes. Plus the fashion is to die for.

Watch the trailer here!