Soraya Montenegro's Not The Only One! These 7 Telenovela Icons Are Timeless

Maria la del Barrio / Televisa

If watching telenovelas with your mom, abuelita, and/or tía, was a thing, then chances are you were a sucker for telenovelas growing up (and even now, don't lie). It didn't matter if they were Mexican, Colombian, Portuguese, daytime or prime time, you watched them all.

Heck, you and your girl squad binge-watched telenovelas before binge-watching was even a thing! With that said, do you remember these iconic characters?

1. Soraya Montenegro (Maria la del Barrio)

With her resting bitch face and evil ways, Soraya Montenegro from Maria la del Barrio is the ultimate telenovela villain. Also, because of her iconic "maldita lisiada" scene, this character (portrayed by Itati Cantoral) has become a pop culture icon for millennials.

2. Marimar (Marimar)

The truth of it all, however, is that no one can beat Thalía at her own game! The Mexican actress and singer is probably the most iconic telenovela figure of all! We love all of her roles: Rosalinda, Maria la del Barrio, and Maria Mercedes, but how can we ever forget Marimar and her adorable dog, Pulgoso.

3. Luz Clarita (Luz Clarita)

How many people can admit that Luz Clarita was their role model growing up? Portrayed by Daniela Lujan, Luz Clarita was a sweet orphan girl with the mission of finding her mom. In her journey, she gave amazing life lessons.

4. Mía (Rebelde)

It's tough to pick only one character from Rebelde, but the crown HAS to go to Mía Colucci. Mexican actress and songstress, Anahí, portrayed the bratty and rich school girl, which became a favorite on the popular early '00s novela.

5. Paola Bracho (La Usurpadora)

La Usurpadora tells the story of twin sisters who are separated at birth: Paola and Paulina Bracho (both portrayed by Gaby Spanic).Think Sister, Sister, but not really. One sister is honest and lives in poverty, the other sister is rich and evil AF. Guess which one is still remembered today? Paola Bracho, the mean sis.

6. Maria Paula (Lazos de Amor)

The 1995 novela, Lazos de Amor, stars Lucero in the challenging role of portraying triplets: María Guadalupe, María Paulaand María Fernanda. Again, guess who was everyone's favorite? But of course the savage one: Maria Paula.

7. Teresa Mendoza (Reina del Sur)

Teresa Mendoza is a true badass! La Reina del Sur, portrayed by Kate del Castillo, tells the story of a Mexican woman who becomes the most powerful drug trafficker in Spain. The series was so popular that it was even picked up by USA Network for an English-language adaptation called Queen of the South.

What iconic telenovelas stars do you remember? Let us know!

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