10 Life Lessons Every Girl Learned From 'Sailor Moon'

sailor moon life lessons
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Sailor Moon was a popular anime series from Japan that found its way to the U.S. audience—and we were obsessed.

Many millennials grew up watching the show, which ran from 1995-2000. The story centered on Serena, AKA Sailor Moon, and her girl squad of ass-kicking magical sailor girls. These young women were all high school students who fought evil while they weren't taking tests.

Many young girls were captivated by Sailor Moon's cool costumes, lockets, and wands, but the lesson we took from the show were so much deeper.

Here are the 11 life lessons that every girl who watched this show grew up learning.

1. Self-care is super important.

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Saving the world is a tiring job! Serena would always make time to sleep, relax, play with her cats, cook, spend time with her friends, and eat good food. She definitely made it a point to take care of herself when she had the time to, and we learned to follow her role as young girls.

2. True friends always have your back.

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The sailor squad always had each other's backs, even when they were annoying to each other. Those who fight evil by moonlight together, stay together.

3. It's okay to have the feels.

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It's perfectly normal to not always have a smile on your face, and some things in life will get you down. Don't let a man tell you to smile. You do whatever you want to do. Also, don't feel like you have to be all happy and smiley when you're going through something saddening like a breakup, or grieving after losing someone you love.

4. Nothing is greater than the power of love.

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There is nothing better in life than to love and be loved, and we learned this in the show. From the love Darien AKA Tuxedo Mask showed Sailor Moon to the love she has from her cats and her squad, the show captures how powerful true love is, and how we should hold onto it.

5. Every woman is "strong."

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Every woman is a strong woman, and as Eleanor Roosevelt said, "A woman is like a tea bag—you can't tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water." The sailor scouts showed this by not only saving the world, but being able to take care of themselves without the help of a man.

6. It's alright to lean on others.

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There are times in life where we will need some help, and it's okay to ask for it. Throughout all of the seasons of Sailor Moon, we got to see Tuxedo Mask, the Sailors, and Sailor Moon's magical cats help her when she was in trouble.

7. Women don't need saving.

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If anything, girls who watched this show learned that they didn't need saving. Whereas in Disney films there was a huge emphasis on "Prince Charming," the role of men in the Sailors' lives were not as prominent. Darien was there, for sure, and did have a large role, but the show did a fantastic job at showing how these girls could take on the world themselves.

8. You'll come across a lot of different personalities in life.

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There were definitely times where the Sailors did not get along, and the show highlighted that we might rub people the wrong way sometimes, and we can't get along with everyone. Whether they were enemies of Sailor Moon, or even friends that mocked her and put her in her place at times, we have to learn to deal with many different personalities in life. Even ones we don't necessarily like.

9. Love comes in many forms.

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One of the most amazing things about Sailor Moon was getting to see two women be together. Though the American version is much more PG than the original manga, we still got to see two female Sailors date and love each other. Hooray for showing relationship that was not heteronormative!

10. Relationships take work.

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There were definitely times where these two made fun of each other, and argued and annoyed each other. Still though, they made things work, just like all of us wanted them to.

11. True love is out there, and will find you.

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Through everything, we see that Darien is there for Serena. He helps her fight off enemies, but is also there for her in her daily life and takes care of her. He's very sweet to her, even when she annoys him. He proved to little girls what real love looked like, and what a "good guy" was.

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