This Is What The MCU School Yearbook Would Look Like If The Avengers Had Gone To High School Together

avengers mcu anuario escolar
Marvel Studios/Difusión

We're so used to seeing the MCU characters with their superpowers and big muscles that it's sometimes strange to think they were once children.

Or worse, they were teenagers and went through an uncomfortable phase, in which they clearly had no idea what they were doing with their hair. Those moments are stored in the fearsome school pictures, and not even the Avengers were spared.

Imagine a strange and alternative version of Sky High where every student was an Avenger.

Notuschief, a Reddit user, was in charge of putting together a yearbook with the actors when they were younger and it was quickly shared on different Marvel fan pages.

We could say it would be the most epic generation of the multiverse. While Peter Parker looks a little too young, is he a child genius who skipped a couple of grades? We also have other urgent questions such as: Why hasn't Sam Wilson changed at all? What's wrong with Scott Lang's hair? And at what point in his life did Thanos turn purple?

As if that wasn't enough, Notuschief made another yearbook, but this time from the kindergarten (and one or another primary school). Check out the original link of the publication. I'm sure you never thought you'd say, "Nebula is soooo adorable!" Not to mention the fact that Tony Stark already looked like a model when he was little.

Now if you'd like to meet the Avengers when they're old, all you need to do is go to Jeremy Renner's Instagram. The actor had a little fun with the FaceApp filter and now we know how they will look throughout all stages of their lives.

There's only one thing left to say: we can't wait for the Avengers 18 film to premiere. Or for a Muppet Babies-type of spin-off.

Translated article original published on VIX Spanish, by Lilian Pérez.