This is the RIGHT Way To Remove Nail Polish

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Removing old nail polish, especially if it is a darker color, is a long process. It involves lots of cotton pads, stained fingers and making a mess. The good news is that just changing the way you use nail polish remover can spare you from all that trouble.

The secret is not to rub it, as it spreads the polish around your fingers. Therefore, the easiest way is to place the cotton pieces on your fingers and let the remover do the rest of the work.

como tirar esmalte da unha 0

The right way to remove nail polish

Simply soak ten pieces of cotton in polis remover until they are dripping. Then, place one on each finger, completely covering the nail. Wait two minutes. Lastly, wipe the cotton piece towards the tip of your nail.

Wanna see how it works? Check the step-by-step below.

Translated article original published on VIX Brazil, by Aline Pereira.