These Habits Might Be Making Your Breasts Saggy

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Having a baby, breastfeeding, getting older... All of these things contribute to the loss of elasticity and collagen, which turns the skin flaccid. But that can also be caused due to genetic reasons. If your mother has saggy breasts, you may be predisposed to have them too.

However, a few daily habits can contribute to making the breasts more flaccid and saggy. Here they are:

What contributes to sagging breasts?

Cheating on the diet

Every time you gain and lose weight, going through the yo-yo effect, the breast tissue is affected, getting saggy.


Not even your breasts can escape the damages of smoking. Just 1 cigarette can weaken and age the skin, hindering the blood flow towards the surface of the skin.

Not wearing sunscreen

Exposing the skin to UV rays without proper protection can cause premature wrinkles. The effect is the same on your breasts, stretching the collagen and can be harmful to the skin structure.

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Wearing bras with little support

When you do not wear appropriate sports or reinforced bra, especially while exercising, your breasts do not get adequate support, which can make them saggy. The more your breasts move, the more stressed the breast skin and collagen become.

Practicing high impact exercises

Some experts argue that the repetitive back and forth movement that happens when you run or during a similar high impact exercise can lead to the degradation of the breast collagen.

Translated article original published on VIX Brazil, by Camila Silva.