These 4 Zodiac Signs Have Hearts As Cold As Ice: Falling In Love With Them Is a Challenge

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While some signs tend to be extremely romantic and sensitive, others challenge their partners by apparently having a heart of ice. Find out which signs of the Zodiac find it most difficult to show affection and even to accept it.

Cold-hearted star signs

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Capricorn: practical and objective, Capricorn people reject sentimentalism and rarely allow themselves to be carried away by passionate and intense statements. They value their partner and their emotions, but they may come off as cold because they know how to control their passionate impulses.

Aquarius: Aquarius people like to keep their emotions in check and may also seem indifferent to excessive displays of their partner's passion. Understanding Aquarius' more direct and less sensitive personality is the key to ensuring a relationship without stress or frustration.

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Virgo: because they are very focused on ideas and thoughts, Virgos can ignore what happens in the heart, even when they are really in love. They may seem cold and insensitive, but they don't always realize that a more objective personality can disrupt the relationship.

Gemini: They may seem indifferent, but the truth is that they are quite emotionally unpredictable and even too distracted to capture the obvious signs of love. They really are capable of challenging any partner or potential suitor.

Translated article original published on VIX Brazil, by Paulo Nobuo.