The Proudest Signs Of The Zodiac: Do You Agree?


Have you ever been criticized for being stubborn or proud? The stars are partially to blame for this strong personality trait. If you are into horoscope and astrology, you must be familiar with this detail about your personality. But if you are not, here are the proudest signs of the zodiac.

Leo: strong, egocentric and ruled by the Sun, Leos like to have control of the situation. They hate losing an argument, even when they know they are wrong. They are usually impulsive and over-the-top, known for their pride and individuality and self-centeredness.

Scorpio: another strong zodiac sign, they are confident and despise betrayals and deceit. For that reason, they are usually seen as proud and unreasonable people.


Aries: A fire sign like Leo, they are strong and confident. Aries people make excellent partners until they are contradicted or betrayed. They do not forgive or apologize easily. They are proud and hardly ever admit to their mistakes.

Taurus: stubbornness and pride are Taurus' main personality traits. They like stability and being in control of the situations. That means they hate being thwarted and will only change their minds if they are completely and thoroughly convinced by a different argument.

Translated article original published on VIX Brazil, by Paulo Nobuo.