The Older a Man Becomes A Father, The Smarter His Son Will Be

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A research performed by King's College, in the United Kingdom, found out that boys born from older fathers have a higher IQ. They tend to worry less about adapting to social circles and are more focused on their interests. They are what others call a nerd.

Sons of older fathers have a higher chance of being nerds

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To reach that conclusion the researchers created a "nerd scale" to assess behaviors and cognition of almost 8,000 12-year-old twin boys through tests measuring "nerd traits" such as high IQ, social interactions, and focus.

The results, presented by the scientific publication Translational Psychiatry, showed that the boys with the highest scores on the scale had parents over 35 years of age.

Besides that, in school exams, the nerdier boys did better in subjects related to mathematics, science, technology, and engineering. Only boys were studied and, according to the survey, the age of the mother did not influence the results.

According to researchers, older fathers are usually more stable financially and career-wise than younger fathers. Their sons grow up in homes with more stimuli and access to better education.

Translated article original published on VIX Brazil, by Paulo Nobuo.