The World's First Foldable Phone Is Here!

fold phone
Royole Corporation

Do you always worry about breaking your phone when it's in your pocket or purse?

Now Chinese company Royole has introduced a phone that will bend with you.

It's called the FlexPai (pronounced Flex-Pai) and it can bend it half, making it easy to fit your pocket and less likely to be damaged than a rigid regular phone.

Mashable has a review that's somewhat less than positive, stating that...

"While the FlexPai is an exciting development for anyone who has been waiting for bendy smartphones to become a reality, it's painfully obvious that the software has not yet caught up. And without compelling software, I'm still not convinced that anyone really needs a phone that can fold itself in two."

fold phone1
Royole Corporation

It will be available in China as a consumer model and in the U.S. as a developer model in December of this year.

What do you of using a folding phone?