Did You Preoder A New Iphone Already? That Could Be A Mistake And Here's The Curious Reason Why

iphone xs 1

It happens (nearly) every September, the new iPhone is introduced and the tech world goes crazy.

Of course there is no doubt that the new iPhones possess enviable quality and power, there is one curious reason why maybe you should wait a little to buy one, or at least think twice before upgrading.

iOS 12 for everyone

This reason is exclusively for those who are already users of iPhone and is because the new version of the operating system, iOS 12, is about to arrive as an update for all Apple devices from iPhone 5s on up and could increase the effectiveness of your old iPhone more than you think, so you might not need a new one after all.

iOS 12 is going to offer many improvements, but perhaps the most important one is that it will have more speed than previous generations. According to Apple, iOS 12 will make the application response rate improve up to 40% on an iPhone 6s, a phone that is more than three years old - something really attractive for those who do not have the latest iPhone models.

Perhaps wait to check out the new iOS first

This improvement of the speed and performance of the iPhone doubtlessly increases the useful life and validity of the device, which is something that considering the general excellent quality of Apple hardware makes that it is not so necessary to buy a new phone unless you just really want to have the latest thing.

So, in summary, if you plan to buy a new iPhone but are hesitating at the cost, wait to use the new iOS 12 and test to see if it improves the performance of your current phone. If so, it may not yet be necessary to make an investment as big as buying a new one

But you do you...

Anyway, if you want to buy a new iPhone for the simple fact of having the latest innovations or just crave having something new, than why not? After all, you will be acquiring a fantastic piece of technology.