Best Buy Changed Their Logo For The First Time In 26 Years And It Looks Oddly Familiar

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Best Buy's yellow price tag with bold black font has been a part of our lives since 1992—although the electronics company, formerly called Sound of Music, has been established since 1966. Point is, Best Buy just changed their logo in nearly three decades as part of their 2020 growth strategy.

Giving it a more modern twist, the new logo shows the letters in a white bold font plastered on a bright blue background. The now ~letterless~ yellow price tag is seen in the bottom right after the word "buy" representing a punctuation.

Check out the new logo below:

After 26 years of having the same logo, the company opted for a fresher, modern, and simpler logo because it wanted to highlight their culture, expertise, and talented employees.

"It tells the story of our Blue Shirts and how we, as a company, aim to be an inspiring friend who helps customers understand what they want to do and how tech can help them achieve great, new things," Best Buy Chief Marketing Officer Whit Alexander notes in a press statement. “Telling the story of our people — and how we make a meaningful impact on customers’ lives — is at the heart of this work. Our people are our insurmountable advantage.”

Although the change is meant to be "an evolution toward the future," people on Twitter could not help but notice how oddly familiar it looks to other logos.

People on the internet really had a good laugh:

Are you digging the new logo?

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