This Bizarre Washing Machine Can Dry, Iron, And Fold Your Clothes At The Same Time


A washing machine that can do all of your laundries would be a dream come true. Well, truth is, such thing already exists and it's making the rounds! 

If you consider yourself too lazy to do laundry, then you'll love this new appliance. The multifunctional machine, called Foldimate, cannot only dry your clothes, but it also irons it, and folds it! 

How does it work?

On the outside of the machine, it is possible to hang the clothes already washed in attached fasteners. They will then be pulled automatically into the machine, where they will be folded. Through a steam system that eliminates wrinkles, the pieces remain smooth and with fragrant.

According to the website, it holds up to 20 clothing items at a time. The process is fast: it's only 30 seconds to undo each piece and 10 seconds to fold it. This video shows the machine in action.

How much does it cost?

This multifunctional washing machine is targeted at $980 and is expecting its first shipment to happen late 2019. 

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Translated article original published on VIX Brazil, by Mariana Bueno.