No, You're Not Seeing Double! This Bizarre Smartphone Really Has Two Screens

double screen phone
ZTE via

While Samsung and Apple rival it out and Nokia intends to make a comeback, other phone companies are stepping up the game.

That's why leave it to ZTE to invent the revolutionary foldable smartphone with dual screen technology. The Chinese-based telecommunications company has introduced this phone with two touchscreens to empower all of the multitaskers of the world.

We're not sure why or if we really need a phone with two screens, but the features seem promising AF!

Behold, the Axon M.

This elegant phone has two identical Full HD screens that can either fold or open next to each other and give that tablet-like feeling.

There's also a one-touch TV mode button that gives you instant access to your favorite shows and movies with just one click. With Mirror Mode, you and your BFF, BAE, or FAM, can sit across from each other and watch the same content on both screens without the need to be next to each other. And for all of those tech junkies who are only in it for the camera, the Axon M has a 20 MP camera and 4K video for that crisp and striking photo or video.

If you're really digging the idea, ZTE's Axon M is already being sold by ATT at a retail price of $724.99.

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