This Sex Robot Does Way More Than Just Please You In Bed

woman robot

Sex robots are a huge thing nowadays because the future is here. 

Thanks to artificial intelligence these highly-realistic dolls are the closest thing to a real human being that we've ever seen. They can move their head, they can make facial expressions, and they wear sexy clothing. 

Chinese-based company EXDoll, on the other hand, is taking it to the next level with sex robots that can do way more than just please you in bed. 

Known for building super realistic-looking dolls, EXDoll is now developing one that can actually talk, laugh at your jokes, and get this, even do household chores. 

According to The Sun, she's designed to work just like Amazon's Alexa or Apple's Siri. "She can search the answers on the internet, and connect to Wi-Fi and answer the question just like a cell phone, like Siri or something," the article assures. "When we ask her the questions, she can feedback or react, and communicate like a real person."

Not only does her built-in microphone allow her to know when you're saying a joke, but it will trigger her to respond with laughter. She's also being created to do mild household chores such as turning the dishwasher on—why? I don't know.  

It's still unsure of how much this sex robot will cost, but the company expects to release it in 2018. They're also thinking of developing a male version and a transgender version, according to The Sun. 

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