You Need To STOP Charging Your Phone All Night; Here's Why

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If you usually leave your phone plugged into the charger all night, that is, even after reaching 100 percent charge, you are charging it the wrong way. The findings are from a group of battery specialists from Callex who created Battery University, one of the biggest references in the subject.

Today's smartphones are composed of lithium-ion batteries and they are sensitive to overcharging by entering a high-voltage state.

Exposing the battery to high temperature and leaving it in full charge for an extended period can be more stressful than the expected cycle, according to Battery University information.

So don't leave your phone charging for several hours during the day or night. This only speeds up battery wear.

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Do not fully discharge the battery

Batteries tend to get weaker over time. In this case, it is worthwhile to resort to a practice mistakenly associated with battery an "addiction": frequently charging your smartphone.

"The battery does not need full periodic flushing cycles to prolong its life," the researchers explain on Battery University's website. "When fully charged, remove the phone from the charger. It's like relaxing your muscles after an exhausting workout. "

In addition, you should avoid letting the cell phone have a full discharge, to the point of disconnecting. "Similar to a mechanical device that wears out quickly with heavy use, full discharge determines the battery cycle count. The lower the [full charge], the harder the battery."

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Correct way to charge your phone

According to the researchers, the middle ground is ideal. You do not have to leave your smartphone 100% all the time —just as it is not recommended to leave the battery low enough to turn the device off.

That is, it is okay to make small charges from your cell phone several times during the day.

The idea is to maintain the cellular between 40 percent and 70 percent, that is, in intermediate levels of load.

"Low charge voltages extend battery life," the researchers conclude. Therefore, it is better to ride with the charger in all corners than to leave the smartphone connected to the battery all night.

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Translated article original published on VIX Brazil, by Tiago Ferreira.